Monday, June 29, 2009

Were Home!!

We got discharged from the hospital and Parker is doing great. However she is a super hungry girl.. All she wants to do is eat or suck. Since, the minute she came out. It is great b/c she is awesome at latching on, but it is hurting me:(( I had to give her some formula and she loved it!! Hunter and Nana were waiting for us when we got home and Hunter was happy to see the new edition and even sang to her in her bassinet. (rock a by baby) Then, he just forgot about her and did his own thing with his cousin Reese. Cristin and Chris stopped by for dinner and to see the new edition. Parker has so much hair we are able to use real bows not just headbands... So funny. She is so tiny and now weighs 7lb 6oz. We are just adjusting to our new edition with the help of my mom... What would I do alone!!

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Holly and Brad said...

Whoa she looks just like you! I mean identical and I LOVE her hair! Your kids both have that great hair! Adorable!! Good job Mom.