Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Doctor's Appointment..

Papa and ParkerParker 2 days old
Hunter 2 days old

Hunter spent the night with Nana and Papa one of our few nights without our boy. We miss him, but I had to wake up early and get Parker and I ready for her doctor's appointment. Our doctor is on his honeymoon so we saw another doctor in the practice. Parker is doing well and she is healthy. She now weights 7lb 4oz. My milk is in and I am feeling alot of pain... I forgot how painful it was. I still am just pumping to give myself a rest. I tried breastfeeding again today, but she was not really into it. Maybe tomorrow. Any suggestions to deal with the pain of your milk coming in??? My grandmother told me to get plenty of support and make sure I was wearing a good bra. We also went to see my dad today for lunch. It was really fun. Hunter loved his adventure we went to the 59 floor observation deck and looked out over the Houston sky line. My mom and I felt nauseous.


Katie said...

A good bra and those cold gel packs that fit inside of it! And ibuprofen!

Paige said...

The only thing I used was soothies those little gel cirlcle things you can get at walgreens for my nipples. The milk coming in is so uncomfortable, I just dealt with it and a couple of days later it was better. I still wake up some nights so engorged. Breastfeeding is definitely a labor of love because getting it started is not very fun! PS Parker is such a great name and she is so darn cute, love all that hair, she looks like you!