Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunter!!

My sweet little boy is two. I can hardly believe it April 21, 2008. A day that changed my life forever. Hunter is growing up fast he is now peeing on the potty sometimes. Talking in sentences, singing songs, counting, saying colors and loving on his mommy. He is such a mommy's boy. Mommy do it mommy do it. That's his thing. He also wants to do everything on his own. He is growing up way to fast. I love every new experience with my baby boy. Check Spelling
On Saturday we had his party. He was so excited saying it's hunter's birthday. Singing to himself and even talking about everyone coming to his party. Granted we talked about it for about a week!!! We rented a train, had a blow up house and tons of food and fun. He loved every second of his party so much fun. The TRAIN was a hit with everyone well worth the money. Here are a few pics. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

password wilson
My good friend Melissa Jones took great pictures of my family!! I love them and just can't decide what to order b/c I love them all.

Things lately have been super busy. We have been helping my mom pack up b/c they are moving to a high rise this Friday.
My kids/jobs having been keeping me busy. Plus I am trying to plan 2 birthday parties, get ready for my sister's 2nd baby, and plan a couple of showers for my friends!! It is crazy. I will try to be better with the blog, but it is alot sometimes.

Have a great Easter!!