Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sand Box

Hunter loves to slide and play outside. Today we went to lunch with my mom, Cristin, Reese, Mary Kathryn, and Caroline at Lupe Tortilla's. Hunter loved the sand box and playing with the other kids he loves to walk around and slide down the slide. He really enjoyed the play house opening and closing the door. I think we will have to get him a little play house when we get our new house with the big yard!! Our home has been on the market for a month and I am so tired of showings all the time I just want a contract before Parker arrives. I know I need to be patient, but last night Nathan and I did our nightly routine. Cleaned/picked up the house and packed up the dogs and Hunter and we were out running around waiting for our showing to be done. It is exhausting.... Everyone say a little prayer that we sell our house fast.


Hunter has been teething for over a week. He is working on getting his two front teeth which will give him four teeth total!! He has been extremely cranky and needy. I only enjoy it because my baby will sit still for a little while and wants to snuggle with mommy.. It seems to be very painful for the little guy and he has not been eating much, has diarrhea, and a low grade fever. I am now unsure if the diarrhea is coming from the teething or the formula. It is horrible because his little bottom is getting red. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. I was thinking on starting regular milk a little early instead of switching formula's. Any suggestions??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

11 Months!!

March 21st
WOW!! It is hard to believe my little baby is 11 months old. My life is more complete and meaningful with Hunter in my life. I can't even remember my life before him...
Hunter is walking!!! He loves to walk around the house and to different furniture items. He always has a destination. Either my arms or another item!!
Hunter can play peak a boo, hide and seek, so big, wave bye-bye and dance. He is such a character.
Hunter laughs out loud for no reason if I start laughing then he joins in:))
Hunter always wants his mommy, when I am home he follows me cries for me and will not let me out of his site.
Hunter can move furniture. He loves rearranging our house and pushing things around the living room. Such a strong boy.
Hunter can climb anything he is always trying to climb things. He loves the stairs.
Hunter likes reading and pop up books.
Hunter is full of energy and does not stop... He is one crazy wild child.
He hates eating and will not sit still long enough to drink more than one ounce. I think he might be ADHD?? Or just a boy!!!
He tries to imitate what we say, but he can say momma, Dada, and Lola.

That's all for now. I just love my crazy boy and can't believe he will be a big brother in 3 short months. It is going to be a big adjustment. He has started playing with a doll. My husband does not like it, but we have to get him used to something.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beach/Boat Day!!

The weather was so nice we decided to take an adventure on the boat.. With our two babies and the dogs. So it started out great Hunter really loved the boat ride. Reese slept. Then we got to the beach both babies loved to eat sand and play!! Then the cranky babies were very unhappy on the long boat ride home until they fell asleep. It was a beautiful day and I am so glad we got to take them on their first boat trip. It was so fun to see them enjoy something new.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Haircut!!

Today was our first haircut!! We went to snip it's a hair place just for kids. I was really nervous to get his first hair-cut, but his bangs were in his eyes and he was growing really long in the back... They strapped him up in the chair and he began to cry. I think he was scared and nervous. Nathan could barely prey him away. Then he calmed down and the started blowing bubbles at him and the hair cut began. He did great I just kept feeding him snacks and it was over in 4 min. Now we our baby for sure looks like a big kid. I just can't get used to his new hair cut quite yet!!! And they saved some of his hair in a zip lock baggie and he received a certificate!! I am so proud of him:)) Then we went to Texas Road House for dinner and he sat in a booster seat.. It was so funny he was so excited to not be strapped in and he was dancing around shaking his head (it must be the new hair cut..)He also loves to talk to the other people at different tables. He will spot someone stare and smile then start waving and laughing. So precious I just want to eat him up!!! Here are some pics.

Friday, March 13, 2009

SO Cute!!

Hunter has been waving bye-bye to everyone these days. He also loves to wave to girls at the store or any restraunt we go to. It just cracks me up!! Another new thing is he can kick the ball around the house and just laughs and laughs. I have to give credit to his dad for this because Nathan always plays soccer in the house and Hunter watches.. Oh, he knows how to blow (you know when your food is hot) off his food before he eats it. So funny!!! I just never could imagine this much joy for the little things he does. We are always getting on to the dog lola for barking and I point my finger at LOLA and say NoNo Lola. Hunter can do the exact same thing he will shake his finger around and paint and just say something that kinda resembles no no lola. Ok, I think that is it for now!! I just love every second of it. Now, I am at work missing my boys:((

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

House for Sale

We have had our house for sale for a little over a week and I just want a contract. I know I have to be patient.... It is just so hard to clean and have everything perfect when you have a crazy little boy and two dogs that shed. I have been so busy with cleaning and packing up and leaving the house for all the showing I don't have time to rest or just breath. It's crazy we have at least a showing a day which is awesome, but exhausting. We are going to go stay with my sister this weekend to make our life a little easier. Just say a prayer we get a contract!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Taking his first Steps!!

Hunter is officially taking his first steps. He is so cautious and is very care full. He will get his balance and then walk 3-5 steps until he gets off balance or gets nervous then gently lower himself to the ground... What a smart son I have. Nathan and I love watching him try to make his next big milestone. The crazy part he is only 10 1/2 months old. He will just stand up and laugh then try to walk. It's like he knows what he is about to do. I am so happy that Hunter is healthy and active little boy!! I thank God everyday for all the blessings in my life. For all the mom's you know just what I am talking about watching your child grow up and develop a personality is just amazing. I have been very bad on blogging lately and will update pics soon.