Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heavy Heart

I don't really talk about it much, but today I can not stop thinking about it.... I have seen soo many precious little ones leave this earth way too soon. I just want to take a TIME OUT to pray for their families and don't take any moment in life for granted. When I feel stressed or think Hunter is acting out. I just remember he is healthy and we are all her on this earth. Kiss everyone you care about and let them know who much you love them. I feel very emotional right now. I normally don't get like this often, but sometimes it just builds up in me and I think of all the kids I have taken care of with cancer that had to leave this life too early and then I think of there parents and it kills me. It always puts my life into perspective and I can focus on the more important things. I feel blessed with everything in my life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hunter almost 2!!

Hunter is almost 2 and so full of life. He is talking up a storm sleeping better in his own big boy bed and developing a little bit of a temper. He is having some issues with hitting and saying NO to Parker and everyone. We are trying to be consistent and do three warnings with placing his hands down and explaining what he did was wrong, then time out on number three. It does not seem to be working yet... He is also very determined to get what he wants so we are experiencing crazy fits. I hope we see an end to this behavior soon. If anyone has any suggestions we are open. On, a positive note he is learning so much knows his colors, all animals and noises, some of ABC's, and depending on the day can count!! What a big boy!!

Parker 8 months

Parker McLaine Wilson is truly a blessing. I am so happy to have my precious little girl. She is the happiest most loving 8 month old. She loves crawling now and is pulling up on everything. She never stops talking. Loves to eat alot and is always wants mommy's love!! She is the best cuddle bug ever. The only bad thing is she is growing way too fast... I wish I could freeze time sometimes.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I have been super busy lately... With my new job and family life. Last weekend we went out of town to see Grandma, Grandpa and Harper and Ella. It was so much fun we played at BONKERS.. Hunter and Parker loved it. Parker is now crawling and pulling up on everything. She is so happy and content. She plays with the dogs and cracks up. She loves to talk and her mommy. Daddy is getting sad, b/c he thinks both kids always want mommy. They do love him it's just sometimes you need mommy. This weekend is Cristin's baby shower, so much fun. I will post pics this weekend. We are just going to relax with the family. Oh, we also went to the rodeo with Hunter on Tuesday. He liked it, but he wanted to go pet horseyyy... He was upset when he was unable to do that. So we left early, to get to bed on time. Hunter also had an ear infection. His first one since the tubes were put in. It was so horrible his right ear had green gunk draining out... not so good. We started antibiotics on Wed. night, he is still not feeling like his self yet. Poor guy. What a trooper.