Friday, November 27, 2009

Sick Boy

I have been so busy with work and my sick kids it has been hard to update my blog. So lately Hunter has been really sick. He had a high fever for 3 days with tyelnol and motrin around the clock. Then, he developed diarrhea, emesiss, and became very lethargic. I brought him in to the doctor and they said he probably had pneumonia since he was negative for the flu. His O2 sats were 92% at the doctor's office and she thought we might have to be admitted to the hospital. They did a breathing treatment and they went up to 95% still not great, but ok. We were then sent to the hospital for some tests. Hunter had a CXR, lab work and finally around 9pm we got to go home. Then, we waited for results. The on-call doctor said it was not pneumonia, but was not sure what it was. Hunter still ran high fevers around 102.6-103 all night so scary... The next day we started on an antibiotic and went and had a few more labs done. We will not know the results of them until late next week. WOW that was exhausting. I deal with sick kids at work all day and it is so much harder when it is your own little one. Hunter was a real trooper, after getting stuck for his blood work he told the lady thank you and all done. It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever.
On a positive note after the antibiotics were started he has been doing great and is really increasing his vocabulary. More on that later.


I love turkey day it is so much fun with all our family. We just went over to my mom's and hung out and ate lots of yummy food. My mom's stuffing is the best. We are also going to celebrate again on Saturday, because my sister had to work!! Two fun filled days with family and food. It would only be right to say what I am thankful for...My family- I love my husband and can't imagine a life without him and our beautiful babies; or my extended family. They truly complete me.. Our health is so important and I realize just how important life is on a daily basis working at a children's cancer hospital. We are blessed to have each day. Even if some days are challenging. And for our GOD who makes all of this possible. I have many other things to be thankful for these are the big one's in my life.
Now here are some pics of us trying to get a cute family pic. It was not working... at all. Maybe next year. Hunter loves to be wild and rebellious already at such a young age.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I had to work all weekend:(( Daddy had the kids. He loves spending time with them, but really appreciates when I stay home. It is one hard job. Especially since I leave the house at 5:45am and don't get home until 8:00pm. That is one long day with our kids. Most of the time they are outside playing because Hunter is obsessed with outside. I miss my family when I work on the weekends. I wish I was home having family time. That is the best thing ever. See ya'll soon family.

Sunday, November 1, 2009



Car Wash

Hunter helped Daddy was the car. He was so excited about the bubbles and having a blast. We love our little helper after he helped he needed a bath! Family time is so much fun.


Our Family Photo. Hunter has had enough.
I'm a Christian!!!

Godparents Nick and Meredith

Parker wearing Papa's Christening dress.

Sweet Angel

Parker with her new bracelet.

It has her name on it.
GG and Parker

Parker McLaine Wilson was baptised today!! It was a great experience with friends and family. Parker is one loved lil girl. Today was her special day. Thanks to everyone who was able to come to here baptism it meant a lot to us and Parker. Love ya mean it. Oh, and she loved everything until the poured the water on her head and she was sound asleep and started screaming. Poor little baby.

Happy Halloween

Cow on the loose..

First house trick or treat.

Hunter and Hailey

Princess Monkey Parker

Hunter had his first trick or treating experience! It was a blast he went with the neighbor's kids and went up to every door like a big boy. He would say Hellooo, Oweeen, and Bye!! It was so cute, Parker went too and Daddy held her while I took pictures. Oh, and before the trick or treating we were trying to get Hunter to wear the mow hat that is why everyone is wearing it not him. We had lots of family in town and it made the experience great. That morning we went on a breast cancer walk in my neighborhood. I just love living in the country:)) One of the reason Hunter was a cow is every time we are driving he looks out the windows and sees cows everywhere. Then, the rest of the car trip all he can say is MOOOWWW.. It is too funny.