Friday, July 10, 2009

My Babies!!

I know Hunter is not a baby anymore, but he will always be my baby. Parker is almost 2 weeks old so we went for her 2 week check up today. My mom watched Hunter and Parker and I went to the doctor. I love my pediatrician he is so nice and never rushed!!! We just talk about random stuff and not always the baby. Parker got a clean bill of health!! She now weights 7lb 15 oz and has grown a inch. She is ranking 50% in all measurements. It is hard to believe 2 weeks has already gone by. Hunter is adjusting very well to his new lil sis. He is either kissing her giving her the bottle or pushing her away from me. For the most part he is sweet to his new lil sister. For only being 14 months old. I feel so blessed to have two healthy children. I love my husband and my family, I can't imagine anything different. I am trying to savor every newborn minute, knowing this is my last... Here is Hunter holding his new sister.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Resse is One!!

Waiting for Papa..

Nana let Hunter have a cookie with blue icing!!

My angel baby..

Today is Parker's actual due date and Reese's 1st birthday. I was going to just hang out at the house all day, but changed my mind. I got all my many diaper bags and milk together and ventured out of the house to meet my mom, sister, Chris, Reese and my dad for lunch. It was really fun to see everyone. Hunter and Reese went crazy in the tunnel. Everyone thought they were twins because they are almost the same size. Hunter is learning new words everyday. He knows how to say Nana, Papa, ball, up, thank you, and Lola. He also knows where different body parts are like nose, belly button, ear, eyes, mouth, toes, feet. Hunter loves dancing around the house and is very hyper active. Today we starting blowing kisses too. He is adjusting to little Parker he is very interested in her and every time she makes a noise he wants to check on her. He is jealous when I am feeding her and holding her at times. Making the change from one child to two is challenging when they both need things at the same time. I am trying my best to be the best mommy possible and attend to all their needs. Hunter is still really young and very attached to mommy to make things a little more challenging during simple tasks. Here are some pictures from the week. I hope to get some of Hunter and Parker together it is just really hard.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

1 week old

It is hard to believe she is already a week old we have done so much in one week. I love my baby girl!!!

July 4th!!!

First Bath!!

Today we had our first sponge bath. Parker did not like it one bit.. See the pictures below. Hunter was a big help. He was kind of jealous, but it turned out ok.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Parker loves her binky!!

She can already hold her binky in her mouth looks like she is taking after her brother. My friend Lauren stopped by and made Parker a really cute blanket, bow, and burp clothes!!! She also helped out while Nathan got a shower and I pumped. Thanks, so much. Today was just relaxing, and I was able to catch up on some laundry and house hold chores!!

Beach Pictures

Hunter with his Nana

Big Brother

Hunter came home last night and was so happy to be home.. He was running around like a manic and trying out Parker's bouncy seat. He also sung her in the swing, a little ruff though. This morning he gave her kisses.. so cute we got out the camera and by that point he was over it:(( Maybe next time. Daddy and Hunter went to the beach with all the family. I would have loved to go, but it is too hot and sticky for a 5 day old. I will post pics when they get home. My day will consist of feeding, changing diapers and trying to get ahead on chores.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Doctor's Appointment..

Papa and ParkerParker 2 days old
Hunter 2 days old

Hunter spent the night with Nana and Papa one of our few nights without our boy. We miss him, but I had to wake up early and get Parker and I ready for her doctor's appointment. Our doctor is on his honeymoon so we saw another doctor in the practice. Parker is doing well and she is healthy. She now weights 7lb 4oz. My milk is in and I am feeling alot of pain... I forgot how painful it was. I still am just pumping to give myself a rest. I tried breastfeeding again today, but she was not really into it. Maybe tomorrow. Any suggestions to deal with the pain of your milk coming in??? My grandmother told me to get plenty of support and make sure I was wearing a good bra. We also went to see my dad today for lunch. It was really fun. Hunter loved his adventure we went to the 59 floor observation deck and looked out over the Houston sky line. My mom and I felt nauseous.