Monday, June 29, 2009

Were Home!!

We got discharged from the hospital and Parker is doing great. However she is a super hungry girl.. All she wants to do is eat or suck. Since, the minute she came out. It is great b/c she is awesome at latching on, but it is hurting me:(( I had to give her some formula and she loved it!! Hunter and Nana were waiting for us when we got home and Hunter was happy to see the new edition and even sang to her in her bassinet. (rock a by baby) Then, he just forgot about her and did his own thing with his cousin Reese. Cristin and Chris stopped by for dinner and to see the new edition. Parker has so much hair we are able to use real bows not just headbands... So funny. She is so tiny and now weighs 7lb 6oz. We are just adjusting to our new edition with the help of my mom... What would I do alone!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Delivery..

I started Pit @ 0530 am. I was feeling pretty good not too much pain with contractions 3-5 min apart. Then around 0900 they started to get uncomfortable, I asked for my epidural and there was only one girl in front of me. My doctor stopped by and broke my water I was only 2 cm dilated at that time. Then, it was my turn. However, this did not happen they had an emergency and a patient on the L&D floor had to be intubated. And sent to ICU. Which left me in extreme pain with contractions 1 min. apart and no pain medicine. I was so uncomfortable and my mom, sister, and husband were trying to coach me through the contrations and pain. It was not what I had planned... Last delivery I had to wait for my epidural and I did not want to repeat that, but I was in the same situation again. Then, another emergency in the OR on the L&D floor. Before I knew it I was a 4 with no epidural. At 1100 am I finally got an epidural, but shortly discovered it was not working. We called the anesthesiologist back to the room to give me a bolus in the mean time. Things were really picking up and way more painful I was freaking out trying to be strong and breathe through them. My nurse checked me it was 1145 and I was 8cm. She called the doctor to come stat. No anesthesiologist yet. It got worse I could feel the baby coming out. Sure enough I was a 10 and the baby was crowing. This is extremely painful without a working epidural and the doctor was still not there. I was trying to wait, but with every contraction Parker was getting lower. I was not even pushing or anything. I could see panic in my husband, mom's and my eyes. My nurse was amazing. Then Parker came sliding out. I never even pushed and my nurse delivered her, my mom cut the cord and it was over. WOW what an experience.... It was very intense and crazy. My doctor was there 15min later. It was definitely a roller coaster ride for everyone involved. I am proud of myself for having a natural child birth, but will not be doing that again. One crazy day, but all worth it for my lil girl.

Parker McLaine Wilson

Here are some pics of our new little edition. We are so lucky she is perfect. Here she is.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We have a room!!

Finally, we have a room. Nathan and I are all checked in and I just got cervidal. I am still 1 cm dilated and my cervix is favorable:)) My friend Meredith stopped by to see me and my parents. My in-laws are at our house watching Hunter and the dogs. Thank god for parents!! Here are some pics of me getting checked in and some of Hunter waiting for his baby sister.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad News!!

I went in to the hospital and all the rooms were full. They sent me home... I knew this could happen, but never in a million years did I think it would happen to me. I was so disappointed and upset. I am now at home waiting for the hospital to call me with an open bed. Of course, we kept saying how easy this was to be on schedule and now look at us. I am praying every second we get a bed and I can meet Parker. My sister, in-laws, dad, and friends all took off work and are waiting. It is just really frustrating. We will keep everyone posted.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Going to the Hospital!!

In a couple of hours we will be off to the hospital. I think I am ready for lil miss Parker... I am done being prego it will just be a huge adjustment for our lil man. I think?? We are scheduled to be at the hospital at 5pm tonight and get cervidal... My husband does not want me to get cervidal because last time it put me into labor, and I was unable to get an epidural all night. Long painful night to say the least. We will most likely welcome our new edition in the morning sometime if everything goes as planned. I am really excited to see what she looks like and meet our new little baby. Nathan and Hunter already have there pink shirts picked out and I will just be wearing a stylish hospital gown!! My friend works at the same hospital that I will be delivering at and she has already made sure I am on the schedule for induction (what a great friend)!!! She will come check on me when I get there. love ya mere. Then my sister and the family will make sure I am all settled in for the night. After, that it is Nathan and I left up to the unknown.. Say a little prayer that we welcome a healthy baby girl. We will keep you posted!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

My husband has to be one of the best dad's around most of the time. He is so great with Hunter they really our buddies. Everything in our home is dada's per Hunter. When Nathan gets home from work the play, go for a run, and just act like crazy boys. I am so lucky. I know Nathan will be a great dad the second time around as well. So today we all got a treat when Hunter slept in till 0830!! Then we woke up had breakfast and it was time to work. Nathan washed the car and Hunter and I played outside. Then, we went to my parents house for lunch. My dad is a wonderful father!! He is always understanding and would never let me get hurt. I love you dad!!! It was a great way to spend Father's Day. I am feeling really large and tired. I am about to pop!! Parker will be here Thursday. So we finally packed our bags for the hospital. I am so ready to meet my baby girl! That's it for now. Here is the best Dad's in the world!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ear Tubes..

I don't know what to say. The procedure was so fast and just a little stressful for mommy. I was so sad leaving him and it did not help that he was screaming for me. Also when we got there he still had a fever and I was almost certain they were going to send us home:(( Thankfully we were able to get the ear tubes. The last two days Hunter was not eating/drinking much. He also has had a fever of 101.5 even with Tylenol and Motrin. Poor little man has not felt well at all just sleeping the day away. The worst part for him is we have to do ear drops twice a day and he freaks out it is so sad. On a positive note he felt much better today and is starting to act like himself again. This is the other day before the tubes just having some fun in the pool with Sadie our dog. When he concentrates he makes this face and it is in all my pictures.. Enjoy

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hunter has had chronic ear infections. 7 in 5 months... He is constantly waking up in the middle of the night screaming in pain. It has now gotten so bad that it causes fluid build up/drainage in his eyes and throat. He had a hearing test on Wed. and luckily he passed with flying colors. Thank the lord!! He had a temp. of 102.9 yesterday and was so lifeless. He just laid around from 2-9pm with no energy. That is not at all like our lil baby. He normally is so hyperactive. We are getting ear tubes placed tomorrow if he remains afebrile. I am anxious, but hopeful that this will solve some of our issues. I am being induced on next Thurs, and am still dilated 1 cm. I just pray that lil Parker does not come before we get Hunter off to surgery and back to his normal happy active self. The procedure is really short only 30min. I just hope I can be with him until he goes into the room and before he wakes up. That's it for now I will keep everyone posted on Hunter's surgery and Parker's arrival.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Swing Time!!

Hunter and Reese love the park right by my house we could swing for hours!! Here they are!! So precious..

Love my boys!!

My two loves!! I just love hanging out with these two. We have so much fun!!! Hunter and Nathan are two peas in a pod just look at them.