Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Parker is ONE!!!

Hunter getting his kiss from his girlfriend :)) We already planned the wedding:))

My sweet angel!!!

My wonderfull FAMILY!!! Thank you Erika for taking the pictures

I am so happy my baby is growing up yet sad at the same time. This is my last lil one it is happening way to fast!!
Parker McLaine Wilson

she has been walking since 10.5 months.
says mama, dada, lola and this.
loves to point and say uhuh when she wants something.
gives kisses open mouth like a pro.
sometimes fights with her brother when he takes a toy.
cries if I leave the room.
loves to be held.
atttachs to me like glue and you have to pull her off me crying. so sad....
sleeps most nights.
takes 2 naps a day.
is always happy and smilling.
laughs for no reason.
makes my life complete.
A true blessing to my life!!! I LOVE MY BABY GIRL!!! Happy Birthday!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Walking/Running!! Chaos...

My baby girl starting walking May 16th, 2010. She now walks everywhere!! I can't believe it.. I love watching her she is so funny and now getting into everything that Hunter got into when he started walking. It is so amazing!! She does not talk alot just says Mommma.

Hunter is going through a challenging stage. He is into hitting/biting and not being very friendly we also has some problems with temper tantrums. I feel overwhelmed by it all I don't want my child to be the trouble maker.... I am just telling myself it is just due to his age and maybe his classroom. It consist of 14 boys and 2 girls... The teacher tells me everyone is biting right now. It just gets to me.. Although, lil Parker got moved up to the big girl room and also got bit on the arm. I know things like this happen and I never get mad, but other mom's get so angry.

Last week, Hunter stuck a rock and a blue crayon up his nose we had to go to the ER and ENT. They want to remove his adenoids due to his breathing and respiratory issues. It was one hectic week and it all happened while he was at school. WOW.

This weekend we are going to try to relax at the LAKE with the Wilson's I am excited.

That's it!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy Family!!

We have been super busy lately, I am working 2 jobs and sometimes 6 days a week. We celebrated my birthday and anniversary this week. Now we have a busy weekend with two parties and I have to work on Sunday:)) I can not wait till the summer starts and I am off... I need to just have some fun time with my babies b/c they are growing way to fast.

Parker 10months she is waving, clapping, saying mommma all the time and love to be held. She has been standing for a while on her own, but is scared to take a step. She is getting a fabulous tan that everyone is jealous of and is sooo much fun!!! I love my baby girl:))

Hunter 2yr. Mr. independent he has to do everything on his own, even pick out his clothes and put them on. He went to school in a long sleeve shirt today so we sent an extra since it is going to be 90 degrees. Crazy boy. He can be very sweet and gives me kisses and signs to Parker in the car when she is crying. He knows his ABC's can count to 12 and sign many other songs including the Hokey pokey!!! I love my fun boy!!

My Husband 29 has been up to no good... JK he has been doing the usual cleaning helping and raising a family while dealing with me:))

So that's it!! I will post pics soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunter!!

My sweet little boy is two. I can hardly believe it April 21, 2008. A day that changed my life forever. Hunter is growing up fast he is now peeing on the potty sometimes. Talking in sentences, singing songs, counting, saying colors and loving on his mommy. He is such a mommy's boy. Mommy do it mommy do it. That's his thing. He also wants to do everything on his own. He is growing up way to fast. I love every new experience with my baby boy. Check Spelling
On Saturday we had his party. He was so excited saying it's hunter's birthday. Singing to himself and even talking about everyone coming to his party. Granted we talked about it for about a week!!! We rented a train, had a blow up house and tons of food and fun. He loved every second of his party so much fun. The TRAIN was a hit with everyone well worth the money. Here are a few pics. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

password wilson
My good friend Melissa Jones took great pictures of my family!! I love them and just can't decide what to order b/c I love them all.

Things lately have been super busy. We have been helping my mom pack up b/c they are moving to a high rise this Friday.
My kids/jobs having been keeping me busy. Plus I am trying to plan 2 birthday parties, get ready for my sister's 2nd baby, and plan a couple of showers for my friends!! It is crazy. I will try to be better with the blog, but it is alot sometimes.

Have a great Easter!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heavy Heart

I don't really talk about it much, but today I can not stop thinking about it.... I have seen soo many precious little ones leave this earth way too soon. I just want to take a TIME OUT to pray for their families and don't take any moment in life for granted. When I feel stressed or think Hunter is acting out. I just remember he is healthy and we are all her on this earth. Kiss everyone you care about and let them know who much you love them. I feel very emotional right now. I normally don't get like this often, but sometimes it just builds up in me and I think of all the kids I have taken care of with cancer that had to leave this life too early and then I think of there parents and it kills me. It always puts my life into perspective and I can focus on the more important things. I feel blessed with everything in my life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hunter almost 2!!

Hunter is almost 2 and so full of life. He is talking up a storm sleeping better in his own big boy bed and developing a little bit of a temper. He is having some issues with hitting and saying NO to Parker and everyone. We are trying to be consistent and do three warnings with placing his hands down and explaining what he did was wrong, then time out on number three. It does not seem to be working yet... He is also very determined to get what he wants so we are experiencing crazy fits. I hope we see an end to this behavior soon. If anyone has any suggestions we are open. On, a positive note he is learning so much knows his colors, all animals and noises, some of ABC's, and depending on the day can count!! What a big boy!!