Tuesday, December 29, 2009

6 months old

My sweet loving laughable baby girl is 6 months old. I can't hardly believe it... I know I always say that, but seriously how does time go bye so fast. She is the best baby ever. She hardly ever cries only if she is hungry and is overall content. We have not mastered sleeping through the night yet she loves to nurse at night and I allow it. She is sitting up, trying to scoot, but doesn't seem to be to interested in crawling yet. As you all know this is a good thing it is much easier to have a stationary one than a mover. I will let my little girl be calm and laid back for as long as she wants. She loves to squeal and do spit/blow bubbles. We have a doctor appointment next week so then I will post her stats. Oh, she loves to eat all fruits/veggies and we just started puffs and yogurt. My girl is healthy!!

Christmas at The Wilson's

Saying CHEESE!!

Hunter got a old fashioned pedal car from Nana and Papa he loves it.

We thought we would try one with the two of us.. Something is missing...

Parker in her snow suit to check out what Hunter got from Santa.

Parker 1st Christmas and Hunter's 2nd Christmas was a blast. Hunter loved opening presents and really enjoyed Santa Clause, and Snowmen. Parker enjoyed watching her older brother open his presents and she liked playing with her new toys!! We had an awesome Christmas and it was so nice to have our in laws there, they were very helpful and Hunter loves to play with his grandma and grandpa. The Steger's came over and my parents we had a feast and then went to look at Christmas lights!! I love the holidays I was able to be off for a week and spend time with the family. What a blessing this holiday season. I am so grateful and blessed we did not do alot of gifts this year we just enjoyed our time together. It is much simpler that way. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Christmas Eve at my House!!

Not the best pic but we try!!

Hunter eating his cookies/cupcakes for Santa!

Daddy and his Princess!!!
Our little babies first Christmas Eve!! I ate extra cookies so she could get some in my milk:))

She was freaking out because she did not like this tree!!

Hunter helping out in the yard.

Our first attempt at a gingerbread house. Notice the infant Tylenol holding it up.. I don't know what we did wrong??

Grandma and Grandpa making cookies with us!!

Yummy!!!!!!!!He loves COOOkies!!

Christmas Eve was celebrated at my house with my parents, in laws, and the family. It was such a nice relaxing day. We attempted making a gingerbread house and tried out my new cookie cutters. It was an experience, but my mother in law reminded me I could only get better!! We ate and drank and played with the kids. Then we got our cookies ready for Santa and began to assemble all the toys. Well, I went to bed to get a good night sleep for Santa!!

Johansen Christmas

Reese Hunter Callie and Parker

Trying to get all the babies for a picture I took 20 and this is the best one!!

Don't ask she was arching back in the bumbo chair??? Silly girl!

Nana and Hunter!! Hunter loves his NANA and wants her more than me

Parker's First Christmas!!

We had our big family Christmas at my aunt's house in Dallas. It is one crazy event. Oh, and my husbands birthday weekend. Sorry, babe.. He is always having Christmas on his birthday. He turned the big 29 this year. One more year to the big 30.. Next year we will celebrate his birthday in November!! Anyway, it was crazy with about 56 people there. We enjoyed playing, opening gifts, and catching up with all our family. Thanks for a great memorable Christmas!!

Naked Boy

Oh, one more thing!! Hunter got so excited about his backpack he wanted to take his clothes off...Not sure where he gets that from.. He did the same thing at our family Christmas the next day when he got a new pair of PJ's. He stripped in front of everyone and even wanted his diaper off.

Wilson Christmas

We traveled to Dallas for the Wilson Christmas!! It was so nice for us all to be together since it doesn't happen as much as we would like. Hunter enjoyed playing with his cousins. Parker just smiled and enjoyed all the Christmas excitement. Hunter loved opening presents so much he did not care what presents he opened. Grandma and Grandpa spoiled Hunter as always. We had a great family Christmas.