Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So, I have been sick with the flu. It has been a not so fun experience. I had to go to see my sister at her minor care emergency center. She started an IV on me one of the best I have ever had then drew my blood, and gave me fluids. Then, the doctor wanted to do a CT scan to check out my abd. and pelvis for my UC. After, that they found I had a large cysts on my R ovary?? and they told me I need to f/u with my OB. I left feeling a little bit better with a long list of other problems. The good news my sister is a great nurse!! And I am finally feeling better now I just pray no one else gets sick!! I will start posting pics soon. Parker is growing more and more everyday still no crawling, but she is trying and Hunter is developing a huge vocabulary I can hardly keep up with all his energy. So much fun.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I will update soon. Promise. I have been super busy with my new job and family life. I am always doing something. I love my new job's hours. I get to pick my kids up and be with my husband every night. S0 much fun!! We are looking for a new car for me!! So this weekend we will look for cars, celebrate my dad's birthday, and party for the super bowl. Not to forget the cleaning and house work. More pics later.