Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Delivery..

I started Pit @ 0530 am. I was feeling pretty good not too much pain with contractions 3-5 min apart. Then around 0900 they started to get uncomfortable, I asked for my epidural and there was only one girl in front of me. My doctor stopped by and broke my water I was only 2 cm dilated at that time. Then, it was my turn. However, this did not happen they had an emergency and a patient on the L&D floor had to be intubated. And sent to ICU. Which left me in extreme pain with contractions 1 min. apart and no pain medicine. I was so uncomfortable and my mom, sister, and husband were trying to coach me through the contrations and pain. It was not what I had planned... Last delivery I had to wait for my epidural and I did not want to repeat that, but I was in the same situation again. Then, another emergency in the OR on the L&D floor. Before I knew it I was a 4 with no epidural. At 1100 am I finally got an epidural, but shortly discovered it was not working. We called the anesthesiologist back to the room to give me a bolus in the mean time. Things were really picking up and way more painful I was freaking out trying to be strong and breathe through them. My nurse checked me it was 1145 and I was 8cm. She called the doctor to come stat. No anesthesiologist yet. It got worse I could feel the baby coming out. Sure enough I was a 10 and the baby was crowing. This is extremely painful without a working epidural and the doctor was still not there. I was trying to wait, but with every contraction Parker was getting lower. I was not even pushing or anything. I could see panic in my husband, mom's and my eyes. My nurse was amazing. Then Parker came sliding out. I never even pushed and my nurse delivered her, my mom cut the cord and it was over. WOW what an experience.... It was very intense and crazy. My doctor was there 15min later. It was definitely a roller coaster ride for everyone involved. I am proud of myself for having a natural child birth, but will not be doing that again. One crazy day, but all worth it for my lil girl.

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Holly and Brad said...

Oh my gosh Ali! I can't believe that happened to you! With both of my babies it has been smooth sailing, I was a wimp, got my epidural and it was a cake walk. What a strong woman you are to go through natural child birth, but guess what? YOU DID IT! Now that you've done that there is nothing you can't do! You're awesome for enduring that pain! What a story! I am glad it all worked out though! Keep us posted on the days to come!