Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have been working all weekend and missing out on little Hunter's fun. Nathan has been one busy dad. He spend Saturday with Chris his brother in law. They both had babysitting duties, they watched football and hung out. Hunter loves his walker and gets so excited when he gets into things. Example, the other day he walked over to the chair pulled down his diaper bag and started getting everything out. I called him out and said "Hunter who did this? Did my Lil man make a mess?" He just looked up at me with a big smile, he knew exactly what he was doing. I just love that guy he cracks me up. On Sunday, my mom was having Hunter withdraws.... She had to see him. Granted my mom probably does not go more than two days with out babysitting him. She had not seen him since Tuesday and missed him. Nathan dropped Hunter off at Nana and Papa's. He spent some time playing with them. My parents bought a jumpy house before Hunter was born. My mom wants to get it out every time he is over and is convinced he is old enough. So today was the day, Hunter's first jumpy house experience. Immediately after, my dad blew up the jumpy house and Hunter got one good look at it. He started crying. Then, they tried to get him comfortable with the jumpy house and he really through a fit. I can just picture it now. My mom is very persistent and just said we will try again next month.

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