Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Out Shopping!!

Hunter is starting to get bored of being in his stroller. So today we went to Target to buy a few items and I put him in the cart. He was so curious at first. He kept looking around trying to grab everything and watching me put things in the basket. After the newness wore off he decided mommy's arms would be more comfortable. So I ended up carrying him until we left. We will just have to keep trying to get him to be more independent.

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Holly and Brad said...

Alison he is soo stinking cute! I think he looks alot like you! Does anyone tell you that? Cute cart cover too! Shoppings getting a whole lot more interesting isnt it? I think you might be entering the time where its easier to leave Mr. Busy Body with Dad when you can...it always takes me double the time when I take Chase and I haven't even attempted taking both boys...I would have to be crazy!!