Thursday, November 20, 2008


For an early Christmas present. My sister and I decided to surprise the boys and take them to VEGAS!!! Our plan worked... We were able to keep a secret for 2 months.. Very hard for us girls. Nathan came home from work at lunch time and I had everything ready. That's when I told him we were going on a trip and he did not have to go back to work. Of coarse, he thought I was joking and I said then why is all our stuff packed??? He still thought it was a joke. Then, he began guessing where we were headed... Norman for the game? Florida? Cape Cod? it went on and on. This was very entertaining.

We were about to head out and our neighbor said "Have fun in VEGAS." Then he looked over at me and in shock said "WERE GOING TO VEGAS?!" The surprise did not stop there. When we landed in Vegas we meet up with Nathan's parents. He was so surprised.

The fun did not stop all weekend we had a great time!! It was relaxing and a ton of fun. My parents went, the babies, Cristin and Chris, and his parents. We all had a blast here are some pics. The only bad part is we never won any money.. Nathan and I have the worst luck when it comes to winning:((

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