Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Another day of matching outfits. We bought these cute outfits a long time ago. And, never got any pictures. Hunter has almost grown out of his so of course Cristin took the time to do a photo shoot. I could not believe that Reese was sitting on Hunter's back like this. It is so funny because they are only 3 lbs apart. Reese attend her first day of Mother's Day Out on Tuesday. Lucky for me it was the first day Hunter was not as cranky. The teachers thought he felt more comfortable because Reese was with him. I just love that he likes the company of his cousin. They are already best friends. I can just see Hunter protecting little Reese as they get older.


cristin steger said...


cristin steger said...

i love the matching outfits!!! i will see hunter on monday! reese's rash is gone!!! love you