Thursday, January 8, 2009

14 weeks!!

14 weeks prego... I am growing and little Wilson is growing!!! I have not gained any weight yet, which is good because I gained 50lbs with Hunter. So my goal is to not gain 50lbs again. I will find out the sex of the baby in 4 weeks. We will be having another sex finding out party. When I was prego with Hunter we had the doctor place the ultrasound results in an envelope, then we opened it with all our friends and family around. It was so much fun. I have been very busy babysitting and working so it is hard to focus on the pregnancy. I sometimes forget I am pregnant until I look in the mirror. I am definitely showing much earlier this pregnancy. I am guessing it is a girl because I have not been nearly as sick. We will see!!

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Paige said...

It shouldn't be that hard to keep the weight gain lower this time. Last time I was so big and gained so much (60 obs) and this time I don't think I have even gained 10 and I am 22 weeks. If you are careful and don't eat everything you see and everything you want then it is much easier to stay small. And of course the added duty of taking care of your other baby lets you not put your needs first all the time so you don't lounge around and eat as much junk. I'm sure you will be such a hot pregnant lady and I can't wait to hear more about it!!!!!