Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bad Luck!

Well we have been having some issues at the Wilson household. First, my refrigerator broke last week. And, no one can come out till Saturday. So we have been without a refrigerator for almost a week. Not fun, and expensive to eat out. Then, yesterday we found out our dog has ring worm.... This is horrible it is highly contagious and we are not sure were she got it. Nathan and I spend all day/night cleaning the house with a bleach solution and steam cleaning the carpets and couches. Then, we had to lock up the dog in the cage and confine her. She was so sad all night barking and crying. We just have to keep her in the cage away from the rest of the house. Until the rash clears up. So we are just looking forward to this week being over. On a good note, we still feel extermely blessed for what we do have and it is my MOM's birthday today. We are going over to our old neighbors house to celebrate when I am done with work. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! The big 54. She loves getting older so I know she will not mind me posting her age:)) And she is one hot nana!!


Holly and Brad said...

Ah man. I am so sorry to hear all this stuff happening. Just remember, "this too shall pass".

Happy Birthday to your mom!

I hope next week goes better for you...of course it will.

cristin steger said...

reese does not have an ear infection or rsv