Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Galleria Trip!

What an exciting day 3 babies and two adults!! My friend Mary Kathryn and her new baby Caroline went with me and the babies to the galleria. We all unloaded and then we were off. We strolled the galleria and looked around, then it was bottle time for Reese. She was being extremely lazy and would not hold her bottle. I had it propped up on a blanket and the next thing I knew Hunter was reaching over and holding the bottle for Reese. I have never seen anything so cute!!! Then we went to lunch at the Nordstrom's Bistro. MK was so help full because Caroline slept the whole time. We feed the babies bread and some french fries. Then we were off to the Nordstroms bathroom/mother's room. MK breast feed Caroline and I changed the babies diapers and let them crawl around a little. Finally, we were off again to roam the Galleria. It was a great trip all I bought was some hand soap from Bath and Body Works. As we were leaving Hunter got extremely upset and was feeling very warm with a snotty nose. He cried the whole time in the car over to my moms work. Then we went home only to find out he had a temp of 100.5. He had been running a low grade temp. since Tuesday, but I figured it was just viral so I was going to let it run it' s course.

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