Monday, October 13, 2008


Cristin watched Hunter today because I had to work. Lola my dog is very mischievous she loves to go through peoples bags and purses to get some lip gloss of course. She is sneaky and today she got something out of Cristin's bag. On top of that Hunter throw up his breakfast. She said other than that the day is going ok. Hunter is starting to show signs of crawling. He will put his bottom up in the air and try to push up. It is so fun to watch him try. One of his favorite things is washing his hands. After he eats he is extremely messy so we clean him up and then wash his hands. We plays in the water and is so happy!! I also like to wash his hands several times during the day because he is always putting them in his mouth. I hope the rest of Cristin's day is good. Thanks!!

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