Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Help ME

So I spent the night at my sister's so I did not have to drive in the morning. She left at 11am. The day started out great one down for a nap then the other. I was getting into the groove. We loaded up and drove to my house they slept the whole way. I got home they were both happy and playing. Around 2-3pm was the worst hour of my life (exaggerating). I had been feeling sick all day and both Reese and Hunter were crying. I think Hunter got jealous that I was holding Reese and absolutely lost it. I tried to console him, but nothing was working. Finally, he went to sleep and we all took a nap. My mom arrived at 4:30pm and I was so relieved. I know some days are going to be physically and mentally exhausting. Tomorrow I go to work and it is Cristin's turn. I will miss them, but I need a break. Nathan came home at 6pm and took Hunter for a walk while I rested and had some peace and quite. When he returend I felt rested even though it was only 1 hour. Sometimes mom's need a little time alone.

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