Thursday, October 2, 2008


For those of you who don't know. My sister and I are both nurses and are working opposite days to avoid having to take the babies to daycare. Today is my first day to babysit both Reese and Hunter by myself.. Cristin left for work around 11:00am. Then the madness started. They were both really tired and a little cranky... I tried different baby devices, but nothing was working. 30min into the babysitting I brought them both into the nursery and had tummy time. Finally, they were happy for about 10min. I changed both there diapers they wear the same size:)) Reese then decided she liked the swing and Hunter laid down in the crib for nap time 1 1/2 later:)) I am so happy!! I just am waiting for the madness to begin again... Will keep everyone posted on my day. I can't imagine having twins! My sister has watched them several times alone I knew it would be hard, keep me in your prayers. That I can have Patience and be calm and not get overwhelmed.=

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