Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Day!

I am back at my sister's house for another day of babysitting the kids. This morning we started out with a walk in the new double stroller. It was an adventure. Cristin had not gone to work yet. So we all went, Reese cried and had to be carried. Hunter loved it:)Then Cristin got ready and left us. I decided to be brave and get out of the house I loaded the babies. Reese was screaming Hunter was upset, I was thinking what am I doing??? We started driving and about 10min. into the car ride they both fell asleep! I was so happy I went to Chick-fil-a and ate in the car. I needed to go to Target, but was debating if it was worth it. They were both contend and asleep if I got them out into the double stroller they were going to wake up.... I went for it, a lady saw me in the parking lot and said WOW you have twins! We got 1/2 way through the trip and Reese woke up and was screaming... I picked her up and continued. After check out they were both awake and we loaded again with lots of crying.. I was exhausted after just a short trip. One is a breeze! Two under the age of 5 months is a struggle. They took a nap we played tummy time, bouncy seat, and then watched baby Einstein. My mom arrived to help at 4pm. It felt like 8pm at least. I am sure I will get the hang of things sooner or later. The neatest thing about today is Reese and Hunter will just cooo at each other and smile and laugh it is soooo sweet. I love my babies!!

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