Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Uncle's Wedding

Resse and Cristin
NaNa and Hunt

Parker, Erin, Cristin and Callie

Parker McLaine

This weekend I went with the babies my mom, Reese, and Cristin to Dallas for my uncle's backyard wedding. Nathan went to his 10 year high school reunion. I wanted to go with him, but we did not have a babysitter for lil Parker and she is still breastfeeding. So I went and had fun with my family instead. It was a fun/challenging weekend. We stayed up late and only went for the day. Plus with all three little ones on a 4 hour car ride things get a little crazy.. Overall it went smoothly. My sister, mom and I had alot of time catching up on our long road trip. We stopped a couple of times at play/rest areas to give the kids a break. I did not get as many pictures as I wanted and since Nate was not around I don't have any with me..Oh, well maybe next time.

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