Thursday, August 6, 2009

15 months

Hunter went to his 15 month appointment. Wow I can't believe he is growing so fast. His stats Height 32.6 inches 90% Weight 22.4 lbs. 20%. He is one lean mean fight machine.. His ear tubes are doing great and he is meeting all his developmental milestones. He is talking and saying lots of words. He is running and when I say running this kid is fast. Every time we are out in public people tell us he should be a track star. He knows where his head, eyes, nose, belly button, ears, knees, toes, and tongue are. He tries to sing songs with us, but they are not very clear he does the hand motions to the wheels on the bus, if your happy and you know it, and head shoulder knees and toes. His vocabulary is around 20 words. He knows what I am asking him to do and most of the time follows directions. Not always... I do not have a perfect son. He is into everything and very mischievous. He loves cars and always wants to drive. Recently he started wanting to take showers as well. My baby is growing up way to fast.

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