Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family Fun

Our car has been acting up and we took it to the shop today only to find out it was going to cost 5,000 or so to fix it:(( Not worth it since it has 100,000 miles on it. So off we went to find a new car for are growing family. I love the Tahoe, but we need something more fuel efficient. We feel in love with the Ford Flex.. It is really new and looks different from the outside, but the inside is amazing... It is like a limo it has so much room. And it was just the right price. We had to order it so we will not pick it up till Tuesday. I can't wait. The only thing is Nathan will be driving it most of the time. He drops the kids off and picks them up. Then the days I am off he will drive the Audi and I will drive the Flex. I will post pics when we get our look alike woody:))

We got to hang out with the whole family on Saturday and Thanks to the Steger's and my mom for watching the kids buy a new car.

Hunter loves to play with Reese they had the best time with all of Reese awesome toys. Hunter even picked mac&cheese out of Reese's hair for her then picked her up out of the highchair. What a little gentlemen. My mom and sister said they have never seen anything so funny and sweet before. I am so glad all the cousins are close in age it is so much fun for my sister and I.

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