Monday, August 24, 2009

Day Care

Today was Hunter and Parker's first day of daycare. I have called 3 times and so far Hunter has been upset on and off all day and Parker has cried some. I am very upset and just want to go and hold my babies... I finally went to pick them up at 3:30pm and Parker was crying when I got there and then when I went to get Hunter he was crying at the door. They said every time he went outside he cried at the gate for momma, momma.. Just broke my heart. I cried on the way home and called my mom and asked her if she could stop working and watch my babies. I know they will get used to it and enjoy the other kids. When we got home Hunter was so tired and cranky from not sleeping or eating much the night was not our usual and I had to rock him to sleep. I have not done that in 10 months or so. I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow and the kids have to go back to daycare. I just pray that they do better tomorrow to make me feel OK with leaving them. It is so hard to leave them. I miss my babies. Oh, and Parker had a hard time breastfeeding last night which made me sad as well.


cristin steger said...

it will get better!!!!

Allison said...

I is so hard.