Friday, March 13, 2009

SO Cute!!

Hunter has been waving bye-bye to everyone these days. He also loves to wave to girls at the store or any restraunt we go to. It just cracks me up!! Another new thing is he can kick the ball around the house and just laughs and laughs. I have to give credit to his dad for this because Nathan always plays soccer in the house and Hunter watches.. Oh, he knows how to blow (you know when your food is hot) off his food before he eats it. So funny!!! I just never could imagine this much joy for the little things he does. We are always getting on to the dog lola for barking and I point my finger at LOLA and say NoNo Lola. Hunter can do the exact same thing he will shake his finger around and paint and just say something that kinda resembles no no lola. Ok, I think that is it for now!! I just love every second of it. Now, I am at work missing my boys:((

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