Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Haircut!!

Today was our first haircut!! We went to snip it's a hair place just for kids. I was really nervous to get his first hair-cut, but his bangs were in his eyes and he was growing really long in the back... They strapped him up in the chair and he began to cry. I think he was scared and nervous. Nathan could barely prey him away. Then he calmed down and the started blowing bubbles at him and the hair cut began. He did great I just kept feeding him snacks and it was over in 4 min. Now we our baby for sure looks like a big kid. I just can't get used to his new hair cut quite yet!!! And they saved some of his hair in a zip lock baggie and he received a certificate!! I am so proud of him:)) Then we went to Texas Road House for dinner and he sat in a booster seat.. It was so funny he was so excited to not be strapped in and he was dancing around shaking his head (it must be the new hair cut..)He also loves to talk to the other people at different tables. He will spot someone stare and smile then start waving and laughing. So precious I just want to eat him up!!! Here are some pics.

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Lauren said...

hahah! So, I guess after our visit a while ago you decided to get it snipped! :) Aubrie will just love him even MORE!