Tuesday, March 24, 2009

11 Months!!

March 21st
WOW!! It is hard to believe my little baby is 11 months old. My life is more complete and meaningful with Hunter in my life. I can't even remember my life before him...
Hunter is walking!!! He loves to walk around the house and to different furniture items. He always has a destination. Either my arms or another item!!
Hunter can play peak a boo, hide and seek, so big, wave bye-bye and dance. He is such a character.
Hunter laughs out loud for no reason if I start laughing then he joins in:))
Hunter always wants his mommy, when I am home he follows me cries for me and will not let me out of his site.
Hunter can move furniture. He loves rearranging our house and pushing things around the living room. Such a strong boy.
Hunter can climb anything he is always trying to climb things. He loves the stairs.
Hunter likes reading and pop up books.
Hunter is full of energy and does not stop... He is one crazy wild child.
He hates eating and will not sit still long enough to drink more than one ounce. I think he might be ADHD?? Or just a boy!!!
He tries to imitate what we say, but he can say momma, Dada, and Lola.

That's all for now. I just love my crazy boy and can't believe he will be a big brother in 3 short months. It is going to be a big adjustment. He has started playing with a doll. My husband does not like it, but we have to get him used to something.

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