Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Cow on the loose..

First house trick or treat.

Hunter and Hailey

Princess Monkey Parker

Hunter had his first trick or treating experience! It was a blast he went with the neighbor's kids and went up to every door like a big boy. He would say Hellooo, Oweeen, and Bye!! It was so cute, Parker went too and Daddy held her while I took pictures. Oh, and before the trick or treating we were trying to get Hunter to wear the mow hat that is why everyone is wearing it not him. We had lots of family in town and it made the experience great. That morning we went on a breast cancer walk in my neighborhood. I just love living in the country:)) One of the reason Hunter was a cow is every time we are driving he looks out the windows and sees cows everywhere. Then, the rest of the car trip all he can say is MOOOWWW.. It is too funny.

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