Monday, October 26, 2009


Parker 4 months

wt. 13lbs 50%

ht. I forget but 75%

head. 50%. The doctor did a CBC count on her because of her fever and nothing came back so he thought it was a viral infection. Which means they do nothing just let it pass. She had a fever the rest of Friday and then again on Sunday evening. I am not sure what our family has. Nathan started getting sick Sunday night with a fever. I hope this is the last of it for our family.

Hunter 18 months

wt. 24lbs 25%

ht. 32.6in 75%

head 50%

The doctor said he looked great!! It was a long appointment because it was both of them and Hunter had to get shots. There were sooo many sick kids around I just wanted to leave asap and get away from all the germs. That is the last thing we need is more germs.

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