Friday, November 27, 2009


I love turkey day it is so much fun with all our family. We just went over to my mom's and hung out and ate lots of yummy food. My mom's stuffing is the best. We are also going to celebrate again on Saturday, because my sister had to work!! Two fun filled days with family and food. It would only be right to say what I am thankful for...My family- I love my husband and can't imagine a life without him and our beautiful babies; or my extended family. They truly complete me.. Our health is so important and I realize just how important life is on a daily basis working at a children's cancer hospital. We are blessed to have each day. Even if some days are challenging. And for our GOD who makes all of this possible. I have many other things to be thankful for these are the big one's in my life.
Now here are some pics of us trying to get a cute family pic. It was not working... at all. Maybe next year. Hunter loves to be wild and rebellious already at such a young age.

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