Friday, November 27, 2009

Sick Boy

I have been so busy with work and my sick kids it has been hard to update my blog. So lately Hunter has been really sick. He had a high fever for 3 days with tyelnol and motrin around the clock. Then, he developed diarrhea, emesiss, and became very lethargic. I brought him in to the doctor and they said he probably had pneumonia since he was negative for the flu. His O2 sats were 92% at the doctor's office and she thought we might have to be admitted to the hospital. They did a breathing treatment and they went up to 95% still not great, but ok. We were then sent to the hospital for some tests. Hunter had a CXR, lab work and finally around 9pm we got to go home. Then, we waited for results. The on-call doctor said it was not pneumonia, but was not sure what it was. Hunter still ran high fevers around 102.6-103 all night so scary... The next day we started on an antibiotic and went and had a few more labs done. We will not know the results of them until late next week. WOW that was exhausting. I deal with sick kids at work all day and it is so much harder when it is your own little one. Hunter was a real trooper, after getting stuck for his blood work he told the lady thank you and all done. It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever.
On a positive note after the antibiotics were started he has been doing great and is really increasing his vocabulary. More on that later.

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