Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Johansen Christmas

Reese Hunter Callie and Parker

Trying to get all the babies for a picture I took 20 and this is the best one!!

Don't ask she was arching back in the bumbo chair??? Silly girl!

Nana and Hunter!! Hunter loves his NANA and wants her more than me

Parker's First Christmas!!

We had our big family Christmas at my aunt's house in Dallas. It is one crazy event. Oh, and my husbands birthday weekend. Sorry, babe.. He is always having Christmas on his birthday. He turned the big 29 this year. One more year to the big 30.. Next year we will celebrate his birthday in November!! Anyway, it was crazy with about 56 people there. We enjoyed playing, opening gifts, and catching up with all our family. Thanks for a great memorable Christmas!!

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