Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas in Dallas!

My first Texas Tech Football. I Love it!
So sleepy...

Hunter and Harper Noel

Trying to get a cute pic together!

Harper with her Aunt Ali!!

Aylmer Family expanded!!

We went to Dallas with Hunter and the dogs for Christmas with the Johansen's. It was so fun to see all the family and for Hunter to meet all his second cousins. He is now going through a stranger anxiety phase. So all of my loving aunt's and uncle's wanted to hold our little man. And he would just look at me and scream. Then, I learned I had to hide so he could not see me and it was not nearly as bad. What a crazy day, not only was it our family Christmas it was Nathan's birthday. He always gets the short end on his birthday. We did sing Happy Birthday and make him feel extra special. Then, that night we drove to his parents house. We were so tired and went straight to sleep only to wake up at 4 am with a sick baby. Hunter had a temperature of 105.6.... We gave him Tylenol and then it went down to 104. Finally, he went back to sleep, but I was to worried about him to get any rest. He was coughing and sounded horrible, then he would wake up just crying in pain. It was so heart breaking. I hate for the little man to get sick.

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