Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Boy

My handsome boy is getting so big!! I just love every minute with him. He can now say "Mama, Dada and kinda bye bye." He does not know what he is saying, but still it melts my heart. We are working on waving bye-bye; blowing kisses; and clapping his hands. We have not mastered any yet! Oh, and on Dec. 22nd we went to the ER. Hunter had high fevers and then he had blood work, a foley, Chest X-ray, and RSV swab. It was so sad he was screaming the whole time. Luckily, he just had a high white blood cell count and a viral pattern in his Chest x-ray. He was started on antibiotics and now we have to take a sick baby to Lubbock for Christmas.

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cristin steger said...

glad my little hunter is ok!!! love yall