Monday, April 20, 2009

Parker's Baby Shower

My friend and sister and mom hosted a baby shower for Parker. It was so fun and generous. We played some games, ate really great food, and got a ton of stuff for Parker and her room. It was a great day!! I really appreciate everything they did for me. I also had some amazing news we sold our house and found a brand new home in Katy!! We will be moving May 19th if everything goes as planned. It is such a huge relief to finally sell our home.. We have already outgrown the home. I can't wait to post pics of our new home!! Pray that everything goes as planned.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hunter's first Birthday

Today was Hunter's Birthday party.. The theme was our lil cupcake is turing one!!! It was the worst rainy day yet and we planned to have it all outside. It still turned out great we had the jumpy house in the spare bedroom and Hunter had a blast opening presents. He did not enjoy the cupcake I made him. He touched the icing and did not like his hand being sticky so he cried. He was not intersted in any of the cupcake... I did not get a ton of pictures because I had a photographer there to capture the moments. I will post them as soon as I get them. Hunter was exhausted after his party he feel asleep in his Grandpa's lap. So precious. Thank you a ton to all my friends/family who came to celebrate Hunter's milestone. Many more memories to come.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We went to the Lake House for Easter weekend. Hunter got to play with his cousins Ella and Harper. He loves Ella she is 4 years old, and very entertaining!! Harper is one month younger than Hunter and it was fun to watch them interact. Hunter was walking/running up and down the hill in the yard all weekend. The weather turned out to be colder than we planned, but we all still had a blast. Hunter had his second Easter egg hunt and dyed Easter eggs. He kept calling the Easter eggs "ball." So precious. He just talks all the time.. We don't really understand it all, but it is so cute. Then, he ate some egg salad!! He enjoyed seeing his Grandma and Grandpa. After, a fun filled weekend it was good to get back home to our daily routine. Happy Easter!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

7 months!

I am offically 7 months pregnant or 28 weeks. My belly is so big!! Everyone at work/home comments on my ever growing bump and tells me I look further along. And, I feel huge. I have been having more pain to my back/pelvic area this pregnancy. Plus braxton hicks contrations. My doctor checked me on Friday to make sure I was not having any pre-term labor symptoms and luckily my cervix is closed and firm.. I also had my glucose testing done and have not heard anything yet. I am looking forward to having Parker McLaine by the end of June. If my doctor still goes with the original plan of induction around the end of June. I think part of the pain is because I am carrying this baby much lower and working/chasing my little one around. I love feeling my baby move inside me it is amazing, but I love being able to hold and bond with my baby too. I just need to stay healthy until her arrival!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!

Today we went to Katy for Hunter's first Easter egg Hunt. He was able to get two Easter eggs in his basket. He was so excited to see the Easter bunny from afar, the minute he went to get on his lap he freaked out. Cristin was trying to get him to calm down, but he was not having anything to do with that Easter bunny. Maybe next year... Then, we went to see our dream home and make sure it had not sold yet. After, that we had a realxing weekend with the family and went for a nice little walk. I can not wait to add our new little edition and make more memeories with our family. I just love every minute of being a mom. Nathan is the most attentive dad ever and Hunter is the light of our lives. Just a little note on how thankfull we are for a little man!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bluebonnet Photos!!

Cristin and I went to a little bluebonnet patch right by my house. We tried to get some good pictures, but all the babies wanted to do was try and eat the flowers. It was hard to get them to even look at the camera. Oh, well it was the experience that counts. He they are!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009