Friday, April 10, 2009

7 months!

I am offically 7 months pregnant or 28 weeks. My belly is so big!! Everyone at work/home comments on my ever growing bump and tells me I look further along. And, I feel huge. I have been having more pain to my back/pelvic area this pregnancy. Plus braxton hicks contrations. My doctor checked me on Friday to make sure I was not having any pre-term labor symptoms and luckily my cervix is closed and firm.. I also had my glucose testing done and have not heard anything yet. I am looking forward to having Parker McLaine by the end of June. If my doctor still goes with the original plan of induction around the end of June. I think part of the pain is because I am carrying this baby much lower and working/chasing my little one around. I love feeling my baby move inside me it is amazing, but I love being able to hold and bond with my baby too. I just need to stay healthy until her arrival!!

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