Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So, I have been sick with the flu. It has been a not so fun experience. I had to go to see my sister at her minor care emergency center. She started an IV on me one of the best I have ever had then drew my blood, and gave me fluids. Then, the doctor wanted to do a CT scan to check out my abd. and pelvis for my UC. After, that they found I had a large cysts on my R ovary?? and they told me I need to f/u with my OB. I left feeling a little bit better with a long list of other problems. The good news my sister is a great nurse!! And I am finally feeling better now I just pray no one else gets sick!! I will start posting pics soon. Parker is growing more and more everyday still no crawling, but she is trying and Hunter is developing a huge vocabulary I can hardly keep up with all his energy. So much fun.

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