Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Parker is ONE!!!

Hunter getting his kiss from his girlfriend :)) We already planned the wedding:))

My sweet angel!!!

My wonderfull FAMILY!!! Thank you Erika for taking the pictures

I am so happy my baby is growing up yet sad at the same time. This is my last lil one it is happening way to fast!!
Parker McLaine Wilson

she has been walking since 10.5 months.
says mama, dada, lola and this.
loves to point and say uhuh when she wants something.
gives kisses open mouth like a pro.
sometimes fights with her brother when he takes a toy.
cries if I leave the room.
loves to be held.
atttachs to me like glue and you have to pull her off me crying. so sad....
sleeps most nights.
takes 2 naps a day.
is always happy and smilling.
laughs for no reason.
makes my life complete.
A true blessing to my life!!! I LOVE MY BABY GIRL!!! Happy Birthday!!


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